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Lee (L) and Nivette (R) at High Point Furniture Market in N.C.

We’re obsessed with creating customized, functional, fun spaces as fabulous as the families we serve. Everyone deserves a bangin’ home environment, so let us help you get there!

Together we, Lee and Nivette have been designing, moving furniture, and [technically] working together since 1990. Being born to the same parents allowed us to begin the pursuit of all things home at the ages of 6 (Lee) and 8 (Nivette). Yep–we’re family! In our younger years we both loved drawing floor plans, reviewing the Southern Living home plans catalogs, grabbing printed real estate magazines, and of course, utilizing each other (and additional siblings) to rearrange the furniture in our shared bedroom. Fast forward to Nivette leaving home to go to college in Utah, seeking a degree in family development, and then Lee eventually going to the different college in Idaho for interior design, only to switch two years later to Nivette’s school and ultimately graduate in art education. A handful of years later Lee was attending Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia where she got her MFA in interior design, and to where Nivette eventually moved. Lee Waters Design, formerly Contented Interiors) officially began in 2012 with just Lee, but Nivette joined during the pandemic and we are thriving working together, again! We may no longer do the actual dragging around of all the furniture for clients, but we both believe in and adore the transformative power of interior design more than ever! More importantly for the success of the designs and our clients’ peace of mind, we understand one another, we have the same expectations and standards surrounding results and communication, and we are both committed to ensuring our clients are happy. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

Lee Harmon Waters, Owner + Creative Director

  • The face of the company. Designer. Dream maker. Teacher.
  • MFA in Interior Environments, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2012.
  • BS in Art Education, Brigham Young University, 2007.
  • Mom to three humans under the age of 11. Dog mom to one.
  • Loves: spicy foods, dancing, laughing–can one laugh too much? No…
  • Loathes: standing behind a “I want to see your manager” in a checkout line, US-reliance on foreign fossil fuels, inaction.

Nivette Connors, Keeper of the Keys

  • Project organizer. Customer service genie. The best gift giver.
  • BS in Marriage, Family & Human Development, Brigham Young University, 2004.
  • Mom to three humans under the age of 16. Dog mom to one.
  • Loves: reading every book she can get her hands on, baking the best cinnamon rolls in RVA (seriously!), re-organizing her house multiple times a year.
  • Loathes: being late, bad drivers, food waste.

Other Team Members

We also work with our A-team of trusted trades, contractors, and other services providers to ensure working with us is as smooth as possible. When you hire LWD, you’re bringing on a team of educated, trained, licensed, and organized professionals. Your job is as simple as communicating your needs and desires for your home! 

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