We’ve Changed Our Name!

by | Mar 21, 2023 | blog, Services

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Hey y’all! I’ll make this quick and clarifying! Sounds like a shampoo, #amIright?

I founded Contented Interiors in 2018 with a dream to give every client the experience of being contented at home. I still want client contentment of course, but 5 years later I also want for clients working with us to experience more fun, more carpe diem, and more celebration in their homes. The name Contented Interiors just wasn’t conveying these ambitions. A rebrand was in order!

Introducing: Lee Waters Design

Lee Waters is bold. Lee Waters is fun. Lee Waters does what she wants for the reasons that make sense for her. That’s what we want for our clients–to own who they are and feel empowered to enjoy their lives as much as possible. And that starts with their homes.

That’s our new name and brand in a gilded nutshell. Below you’ll find answers to any questions you might have about Lee Waters Design or LWD, but if you still have questions, please reach out at hello@leewatersdesign.com. Thanks for being on this journey with us!

Still wondering about…

  1. Do you still like working with families? Absolutely! In fact, we think this new direction makes us an even better fit for designing for unique families. No two are alike!
  2. Will any services be changing? We still have something for everyone at Lee Waters Design and no our offerings have not changed.
    1. All In Interior Design Service: best for those with little time, who need and want us to handle their project from start-to-finish. Luxurious. Fun!
    2. Design Sessions: best for those who need quick, actionable design instructions (remote and on-site options). Empowering. Fun!
    3. Take Back Your Home Course: best for those who need a self-paced, online way to learn the steps to create a functional, fabulous home. Formerly known as ‘Chic, Kid-Proof Living Rooms’, the course content remains the same. Educational. Fun!
  3. How do I know if we’ll be a good fit to work together? You don’t yet, but you can submit a project inquiry here so we can chat to learn more about one another! We’re looking to work with homeowners who are ready to stand in their unique style and personalities, so that we can craft a space to match.
  4. Are all of the associated people the same? Yes! You can learn about us here.