How Long Does an Interior Design Richmond VA Project Take?

by | Oct 1, 2021 | blog, Project Management, Renovation

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Interior Design: Contented Interiors. Photography: Khand Tenney.

How long does an interior design Richmond VA project take? The answer has always been subjective, but in 2021, the answer is trickier to pinpoint. While I can’t tell you exactly how long your project will take from hiring a designer to installation and completion, I can tell you that planning ahead never hurt anyone! Here’s what we are telling our potential clients when they call.

CUSTOM BUILD PROJECTS: Plan for at least a year and anticipate that you might need to buy place holder appliances to be able to live in the home. The delays of major appliances shouldn’t keep you from moving into your home if the other aspects are completed. In general, labor shortages are a huge issue and are likely to effect the pace at some point.

RENOVATION PROJECTS: Plan for 6 months and know at some point we will likely run into some material shortage or delay. Also, labor scheduling will likely pose a problem at some point and will effect project pace.

DECORATION PROJECTS: Plan for 4 months for the bulk of the items in a space, with a handful of pieces being unexpectedly delayed, and for some upholstery, taking 16-30 weeks to be completed.

Are these timelines fun to read about? Of course not! But, knowing the reality of the situation can help you better prepare for a desirable outcome.

If you’re looking to have a space ready for Feburary-May of 2022, now is the time to start researching interior designers to handle your project. At Contented Interiors, in addition to our creative expertise, we pride ourselves on efficiency, professionalism, and communication. You can learn more about our 10-step Design Dictate in this post.

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