Interior Design Plans. For those who want to handle project management.

by | Mar 31, 2022 | blog, Uncategorized

We have exciting news! There’s a new service option that we are so happy to unveil. Previously, we have offered options for one-time Strategic Design Consultations and start-to-finish Comprehensive Interior Design Service. Knowing there was a middle ground we wanted to explore, we set out to determine what that looked like for our clients. We did offer flat rate packages that included space planning with dimensions for furniture to buy with some style advice, but it wasn’t meeting the needs of everyone who was interested in handling their own project management.
Thus, we’re happy to introduce our Interior Design Plan service! This service matches our Comprehensive service through the Design Presentation. The major difference from Comprehensive service is that the Interior Design Plan service allows clients to handle their own project management, saving significant project management fees.
  • Consultation, define project scope and clients’ needs
  • Design Fee & Agreement, tailor to clients’ scope of work
  • Aesthetic Discovery Exercises & Questionnaires, dial in a style direction that will thrill both partners
  • Trade Day, obtain labor quotes from qualified contractors if needed
  • Design Presentation
  • Project Implementation Guide, shared for clients’ project management reference
We’re particularly excited about our Project Implementation Guide that breaks down each step of bringing your personalized design plan to life. You’ll purchase, track and schedule everything you need to bring your dreams into reality. Whether this option excites your inner type-A personality OR you want an option that helps you stick to your planned budget, we have thought of it all.

Will you be our next interior design plan client? Are you ready to take your home from frustrating to fabulous? Stop waiting and inquire about an Interior Design Plan today!


Are you still offering Comprehensive Interior Design Services? Absolutely! We know our Comprehensive Service clients value their time above just about all else. We are happy to provide you with an experience that is as easy as writing a check.
Can those outside of the Richmond, VA area still become an Interior Design Service client? Not at this time, as we don’t have knowledge of the showrooms local to you to ensure that the right fabric can be used for the right frame.
How much money will I actually save from choosing an Interior Design Plan vs. Comprehensive Service? Here are two examples acknowledging that different project budget ranges have different project management fee percentages.
  • If your custom Interior Design Plan totals $25k of furnishings and contractor labor, you would save our normal project management fee of 18%, or $4500, by handling your project management.
  • If your custom Interior Design Plan totals $63k of furnishings and contractor labor, you would save our normal project management fee of 17%, or $10,710, by handling your project management.
Will I get any revisions with an Interior Design Plan? Our aesthetic exercises get us so dialed into our clients’ needs that we only end up making 1-2 item specific revisions for each space. Your Plan includes 3 item specific revisions per room.
Will an Interior Design Plan save me any time? We cannot save you any time with this service, however you can order each item as you are ready to do so, to spread out your spending. You will also get your updates regarding your shipping and installations in real time.
Are you sourcing lower-quality retail options for the Interior Design Plans? In 2021 we found a way to utilize our best local to Richmond, VA vendors to be the connecting resource between our clients and our fabric vendors. Essentially, if we specify a CR Laine Remy chair  frame from a local showroom, the showroom will let you know the correct address to which you would have your Kravet fabric sent from whichever online vendor we specify. This connection ensures the Kravet fabric ends up at the CR Laine factory and on your Remy chair frame. This is exactly the way we work, but now we’ve found a way to make it work for you.
How do I know which service is right for me? Did you make it through the FAQs and you’re still excited? Let’s talk. Fill out our inquiry form and we’ll be in touch soon!