Our Interior Design Course now comes with Weekly Consultations!

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Since it’s launch in January 2021, we’ve had amazing feedback regarding our on-demand, step-by-step interior design course! We’re pleased to announce that the Course + Community now includes weekly video calls for design Q&A and furniture and building plans review. I’ll be leading these calls, sharing my expertise with our group each week!

Course + Community WEEKLY CALLS 

  • Monthly access, no annual commitment…stay as little or as long as you like!
  • You do not need to have young children to take the course or attend the calls. This is fundamentally an interior design course, with extra information for people who want performance hacks and kid-proofing strategies.
  • You do not need to have made it to a certain place in the course to attend the calls.
  • You do not have to attend the calls to have your questions answered. You can submit them in advance with any relevant photos and information.
  • Your design questions and plans can be for any room in your home.

One of Our Member’s Results 

before after living room


Here’s what our member had to say…

Original layout: Chairs ended up wherever my kids pulled them. Room had lots of unused/awkward space.   TV mounted above brown table at top of screen.

This weekend we rearranged our living room according to the design I made in class. My husband did all the heavy moving and hung my artwork straight. I also painted the back wall of my built-in shelf and found some treasures in the attic, using only the largest pieces for better visibility. We really like it.  My husband’s comment was that “we have so much more seating AND so much more space”. It’s kind of mind boggling.  And we are able to display our most important/loved things.

Purchases: $20 mirror from a thrift store. $100 TV mount from Sam’s club–it does swivel and tilt. $40 worth of gold curtain-hanging rings

Incomplete: We have ordered another matching console table from the man who made the first one. I am working on the round rug for on the fireplace side.  Some day I will convert the green chairs (fireplace side) into swivel chairs. Need to purchase little blue ottoman.

before after living room


I am so impressed by what this member accomplished using my step-by-step course and the feedback from our weekly calls! If you’re looking to take back your interiors, and your sanity, please join us in our Course + Community!