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Are you feeling frustrated with the state of your house–wishing it had more style, more functionality, and that your children (or clumsy house guests) couldn’t so easily destroy it?! I know just how frustrating it can be to spend money on something only to have your kids wreck it…or maybe you’re just not spending money on your house at all, because you’re waiting for your children to grow up! Have you considered taking an interior design course? Perhaps you’ve been wondering what it’s like to join a community of people who also want to reclaim their sanity and make their homes look amazing (but not be easily destroyed by their children)? Let’s review how Contented Interiors’ Course + Community came to be to see if it’s a match for you!

  1. First, I created a step-by-step, on-demand interior design course to help homeowners create their own chic, custom, family-friendly rooms. Participants had incredible results!
  2. Next, we have made access to the Course + Community a monthly membership, with no annual commitment so people can stay for as little or as long as they need. Members remarked how much more confident they felt having professional guidance throughout the course.
  3. Most recently, we added weekly video calls to the Course + Community so members could get regular access to me–an educated, professional interior designer, and also mom to three children–to answer any specific design questions and resolve their dilemmas. Our busy members love that they can pre-submit questions and do not need to attend calls in real time. They also love what they learn from watching the call recordings by listening to the answers to other member questions.

Stop waiting to enjoy your environment–the environment so many of us are in so much of the time, and treat yourself to a month of our Course + Community. You get 1 free trial day to explore the contents–you don’t even need any payment to get logged in. Simply visit this link and create your account.

If you like what you see, once your trial is over you’ll be able to formally join to get our step-by-step accompanying course workbook and of course, access to the weekly calls! Here is a past weekly call recording to understand how such calls work>> Past Weekly Call Recording.

A Member’s Before & After

apartment living room before and after

Apartment living room BEFORE. This single mom to three humans and a dog rents a simple, open plan apartment. She wanted to make this space reflect her style and stand up to the five beings who live within.

apartment living room before and after

Apartment living room AFTER. Thanks to learning and planning through this Course + Community, this member has created an oasis of HER style with both new and vintage pieces, and everything stands up to her children and dog!

With nothing to lose, visit this link and join us today!