What room should I decorate first?

by | Aug 10, 2022 | blog, chic kid-proof

Are you wondering, “What room should I decorate first?”. I’m going to give you my opinion on the best order for designing and decorating your home.

What room should I decorate first?

The Primary Bedroom, AKA Your Bedroom. Why? It’s kind of like putting on your air-mask on an airplane. You can best help others when you’ve first helped yourself. Start with your primary bedroom (and possibly en-suite bedroom) so that you can start and end your day in the most incredible space to set you up for you up for the most success in parenting, work, and relationships.

What room should I decorate second?

The Living Room. Why try and get a sitter and gather up the energy to leave your own home, when you can put the party or the gathering, and your friends, in your own house…in your own living room Make it awesome and make sure to use the space regularly! Socializing is so important for keeping us happy and keeping us sane.

What room should I decorate third?

The Kitchen. It’s no secret that we use our kitchens frequently, but rushing into renovating one can lead to expensive oversights. Take some time to live in your home and determine how you want to use your kitchen. Once you have an understanding of your needs and desires, make a plan and get it done!

what room should I decorate first?

Feeling stuck?

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