Decorating with Kids

by | Feb 20, 2023 | blog, chic kid-proof

Let’s set the scene – you have kids. You might have one, a few or even a baker’s dozen. Occasionally, your house looks halfway decent, especially if your in-laws are coming over. The rest of the time, your sofa looks like like a sinkhole with grooming issues, your walls are no longer one solid color (thanks matte paint!) and a tornado would feel right at home. All in the name of kids, right?

As long as I don’t have to stress about the kids ruining stuff, I’m okay. It’s all already trashed anyways (cries in true adulting fashion)…

If there’s one thing we can agree on, kids make decorating difficult. We feel like we have to live with frat chic and no personality just in order to get through to high school graduation. If you’ve flipped through any design magazine lately, maybe you’ve thought something like this:

No, I can’t get that sofa I saw in House Beautiful. My kids will Cheeto puff and apple juice that beauty into oblivion.

That white throw pillow is gorgeous. Toddler moms would NEVER.

I want wallpaper, but I’m scared my kids will draw all over it.

So many parents have settled for believing that decorating with kids is not possible. But we’re not okay with that. Everyone deserves to love their home! We truly believe that you can have an amazingly comfortable and functional home AND still have nice things. You just need the right knowledge. Our own online course is a great place to start. We’re also starting the conversation with others.

Today, head on over to The Design Doctor Podcast, Episode 3 to hear what our lead designer, Lee Waters, has to say about navigating interior design with kids. She will be talking with Kricia Palmer, MD, Allied ASID, and this podcast promises to explain just why having kids shouldn’t matter when it comes to good design. If you’re ready to make a change, come on over!


Decorating with Kids

You CAN Have Nice Things