Ask an interior designer!

by | Aug 31, 2023 | blog, Course

If you’ve ever started a design project, you realize you have….questions. Sometimes, you have lots of questions. Why? Well, home projects can actually be trickier than just a quick weekend DIY situation. Most people actually don’t have a design background and haven’t had the education needed to navigate the sometimes crazy waters of interior design. It’s all okay, because guess what? We love questions! Everyone is meant to do something different with their time – we’ve decided that interior design is for us and we want to share our knowledge with the world. Coming to us with questions makes us happy because it means you’re getting solid information from people (that’s us!) who actually have the correct answers and will help you make the process as painless as possible.

If you’ve heard about our upcoming Take Back Your Home Podcast, you know that we’ll be following a real life course participant who is working on areas in their home. Super exciting for them, but also for everyone listening. A lot of the time, it really helps people on the outside to hear first hand accounts of how the course works, how it affects your design process, etc. While the main portion of the podcast will focus on our participants’ project, one of our upcoming episodes will be devoted entirely to listener questions. That’s right – email your questions to and our Owner and Creative Director Lee Waters will get to the bottom of your issue.

Another way to get a lot of your questions answered is to come and join the actual Take Back Your Home Course. This course is perfect if you want to move at your own speed, on your own timeline, but still learn so many useful and necessary design tools, tips and more to complete any home project. From making the flow of your house work best for you or choosing paint colors that you can actually live long term with to completely overhauling your living room or creating the bedroom of your dreams – this course is everything. Everyone deserves to live in a home that they absolutely love. If your home isn’t doing it for you, let us help! Great design doesn’t mean a huge budget either. Our course teaches you great design principles that our participants have used with small and larger budgets. Stop making excuses and come over to the party! Don’t forget that we love questions and no question is too small to ask. Let this podcast and course be your first step towards loving your home again.

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