How Do Flat Fee Interior Design Projects Work?

by | Sep 18, 2023 | blog

This is an updated post regarding our contemporary flat fee structure for our All In Interior Design Projects.

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Lee Waters, owner of Lee Waters Design. Photography by Khand Tenney.

Predictable Process, Fabulous Results

  1. Consultation
    – A customized Design Fee that covers our work throughout your project will be proposed to you by email within 1 business day. Half is due to initiate our work on your behalf.
  2. Project Launch
    – You and any other project decision makers will complete individual aesthetic exercises so we can discover your style. We’ll also be heading to lunch to get to know you! We want to ensure you are the primary inspiration for your home.
  3. Trade Day
    – Handled for you. We guide our trusted and insured A-Team of Trades and Contractors through your site to gather the necessary measurements for any renovation work.
  4. Design Scheme
    – Handled for you. Based on your desires, needs and aesthetic preferences, we source all furnishings and materials, as well as design all and spatial elements over the course of 3-8 weeks, depending on the size and scope of your project.
  5. Design Presentation 
    – We present all the furnishings and design scheme elements within your project’s scope, along with their costs and the associated renovation labor. We take the second half of your Design Fee and the Furnishings and Contractor Deposits at this time to initiate purchasing and renovation work.
  6. Purchasing
    – Handled for you. 
  7. Renovation Management
    – During renovation, we manage and communicate with all involved professionals to ensure your custom design is accurately and beautifully brought to life. The remaining balances on any renovation labor are due at least two weeks prior to your installation date.
  8. Receiving
    – We receive all furnishings and materials during this time and store them in a climate controlled warehouse for you until it’s time to install.
  9. Installation & Styling
    – The artwork, the window treatments, the furniture…all of it.
  10. Client Reveal
    – Prepare to be amazed by your turn-key interior! It’s ready for living!
    – We will continue to resolve any lingering deficiencies.
    – We will present you with a digital Client Binder, containing furnishings and materials care information, as well as insurance-relevant project documentation.