Why Seating Matters

by | Sep 19, 2023 | blog, Course

If you’ve been following along with our podcast, you may have caught some of the discussion about chairs and seating. In episode 2, a story was related about a large family group traveling to what was supposed to be an amazing house…alas, the seating situation was dire. So many people and not enough seats. You’re probably wondering why chairs matter….or any kind of seating, for that matter. Doesn’t every normal living room area have a sofa and a couple of chairs? As long as you have space to sleep, you’re good…right???

Think of what you do in your house on a daily basis. You sleep, you eat. You watch TV. Some people occasionally entertain, while others have people over every weekend. Families can be large or small. But what do people require when they’re at home and awake? A place to sit, and hopefully in a comfortable manner. One of the major things that we teach and go over in our online course (Take Back Your Home) is to truly figure out what kind of seating you need to be equipped for. This could include proper seating, like sofas and swivel chairs, or more casual items like cube ottomans, benches, and other options. There’s nothing worse than visitors having to mill about because they don’t have anywhere to perch themselves.

Great seating does more than offer people a place to rest their legs – it fosters conversation and intimacy. It makes people feel comfortable in your home and not like you can’t wait for them to leave. You don’t even need to go on a crazy spending spree to have adequate seating options (hear more about that on our latest podcast episode). There are plenty of options for every budget that will yield amazing results. The point is, know your space, know your lifestyle and plan accordingly.

If you take away anything from this blog post, let it be this – seating and chairs matter! PS- Don’t forget to peruse all of the interior pictures before your next stay at any rental property to determine if the seating matches your needs. You’ll be glad you did!

Why Chairs Matter

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