Should I buy all new furniture when designing a room?

by | Nov 14, 2023 | blog, podcast, Services

Should I buy all new furniture when designing a room???

There’s a common misconception that embarking on an interior design project means you’re going to be purchasing all new items for that space. If going all out fits into your budget and makes you happy – DO the thing! But, however, if you want to go about your design project a different way, amazing results are still attainable.

With our All-In Design Service we actually strive to have at least one item in each room that is either already existing in the client’s home, something that was bought via consignment/used, or something that is already owned and then revamped in some way. Buying new items has to happen for all projects, but our kind of sustainability in interior design goes a long way.

On our most recent podcast episode, we featured the owner of Verve Home Furnishings. Places like Verve are a great resource for finding one of a kind pieces that are going to really make your space shine. We love hearing about and seeing pieces get a new life in a new home. Say no to throwing out perfectly good furniture and say yes to repurposing.

As mentioned before, you can also revamp older pieces. If you have a sofa that has a sturdy and amazing structure but the fabric needs to go, head to a recommended upholsterer. They are able to fix broken springs and other issues as well.

Don’t discount Facebook Marketplace, either! It’s amazing what you can find (and for generally very affordable prices!) when people seriously need to get rid of some stuff. It takes the old adage “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” to a whole new level.

Regardless of the path you take, we are here to show you that using secondhand pieces for your next design project is not only sustainable but totally doable and FUN. If you need design help, reach out to schedule a Discovery Call and let’s see where the process takes you.

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