Do This Today to Love Your Home More

by | Dec 12, 2023 | blog, Course, podcast

On the latest episode of our Take Back Your Home Podcast, we heard from Lee, Rebecca and Alex Brown (of Seventh + Shire) who all spoke about things we can do today to love our homes more. Maybe you’re thinking, well, I want to overhaul all the things and then I’ll love my home more.

While that may be the course of action that is going to serve you best in the long run, we wanted to run through some ideas that can help you TODAY. Small, easily actionable things that can change your perspective a little and more than likely, love your home more. Warts and all!

Where exactly did the conversation go? Check out some of the topics they hit on:

  • lighting candles – when, how long, what kind, etc.
  • making your bed – is this really important?
  • cleaning up dishes – which camp are you in?
  • lamp o’clock – what in the world….???
  • opening your windows – why it might help
  • pillow inserts – do THIS and not the other…

We know what you’re thinking! That’s a super varied list right there, but we promise a full listen through of this episode will have you thinking differently about some things. Maybe a lot. The point is, we know that many people are looking for simple ways to create a pick me up in their very own houses and we feel strongly that some of the aforementioned areas are great ways to do so. Remember – these are things we can do today to love our home more.

Click on the image below to go straight to the podcast episode. Happy listening!

Do THIS today to love your home more...

Do THIS today to love your home more…                                                                                  Image by Freepik