Why Cheap Furniture Costs More

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We’ve all been guilty of it – trying to find the best deal on that next piece of furniture you’re looking to buy. Whether it’s sofas, tables, lamps, dressers, etc., no one is immune to the pull of low prices. We’re here to tell you why cheap furniture costs more. We know – it sounds counterintuitive to claim that lower prices will cost more. Let’s break it all down for you, because it has to do with costing more over the long run.

First, how can you tell what cheap furniture looks or feels like? To be blunt, if you’re looking online at the real deal and a dupe, you won’t know the quality differences just by looking at photos. If you aren’t working with a trained interior designer, you might feel at a loss when comparing items. Here are a few telltale signs that can get you started, besides the price.

  1. Finish – This has to do with color depth, quality of varnish, etc. Is a “rustic” finish really just a way to cover for a sloppy finish job?
  2. Materials – chances are, if it’s made with materials like particle board or softwood, it’s not going to hold up over time. 
  3. Construction methods – there is so much furniture that is literally stapled together. Higher end furniture construction methods like dowel joinery, glues, and screws all requires more labor and time than a high powered staple gun or brad nailer. Yes, more time always equals a higher price, but you don’t have to worry about weight limits and kids climbing all over the piece.
  4. Weight – this changes up for the type of item you’re looking at. Quality lamps have heft (this helps with the tip factor) but even lighter weight side tables should be balanced so they don’t easily tip over. Great antique pieces will definitely have some weight to them. 

Second, what do you do if expensive furniture just isn’t in your budget, but you don’t want to settle for less?

  1. Plan for it in your budget! – there’s no shame in recognizing you want something nice and taking the time to responsibly save for it. 
  2. While you wait, consider quality used pieces from places like Facebook Marketplace. It’s amazing what you can find!
  3. Look for deals BUT make sure you can see the piece in person, or that the vendor is willing to share all the details about what is inside the piece and how it’s put together. A reputable vendor will tell you honestly why a piece costs what it does.

Third, what pieces are really best to spend the big bucks on? This depends on what you’re using the most, so it will vary from person to person. Here are a few ideas.

  1. Sofa – many people, couples, families spend SO much time here. You want something that sits well and isn’t going to sag in a few months or even a few years. Great sofas should last decades with proper maintenance (cleaning, flipping cushions, etc.) and you may only need to get things reupholstered if your design aesthetic changes (this is much cheaper than buying an entirely new [high quality] sofa).
  2. Mattress & Bed Frame – even though we don’t remember a lot of our time in our beds, you can sure tell when you have a bad one. Bad mattress? Your entire body will scream at you! And your neighbors will scream at you if your bed frame is moving around every time you do. This is something you definitely need to TRY before buying.
  3. Coffee + Dining Tables – these get high use, so you want something that is going to stand the test of time (and kids, pets, who knows what).

While there are always exceptions here and there, we firmly believe that buying well-made furniture, which usually equals more expensive, will result in a better investment over time. If you pay $1200 for a sofa, that is certainly cheaper than a $5000 price tag, but if you replace that cheaper sofa several times over a decade or so, you will definitely come out on the losing end. We’re not even mentioning the awful feeling of sitting on a lower quality sofa for years of your life. Just say ‘no’!

The lesson is – cheap furniture costs more. Learn it here now before you have to learn from past mistakes. Don’t forget that Lee Waters Design is always here to help in the decision process. Designed in A Day is a great way to get top-to-bottom interior design help in one day. We’re always happy to help!

Why Cheap Furniture Costs More

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